How to design a menu card for a restaurant?

In this article we are going to discuss about How you can design a menu card for a restaurant 

First of all we will give the list of things to be considered before designing. Below are the 8 things that should be considered while designing a restaurant menu.

  1. Branding – the restaurant menu card must reflect the branding of the restaurant so that the menu card will look authentic and aesthetic in nature. It includes proper colour schemes, readable fonts and imagery. By seeing the images of food people should feel mouth watering.
  2. Representation – The restaurant should be organised in a logical manner and easy to read. Ergonomics aspects of the menu must be considered while designing a good menu card. It includes separating items into different sections of the menu like appetisers, entries and desserts.
  3. Information – Proper list of items should be included in the menu card and along with pricing and important information. You can also include words like ‘chief’s special’ words so that people will tend to buy items that are special and tasty. It should also include dietary instructions and substitutions.
  4. Photography – This is the main factor that makes it convenient for the customer to buy food. The images and photos in the menu card must be clear, eye-catching which helps customers to make a decision.
  5. Specials of Restaurants – As mentioned earlier, highlight any special menus, offers, deals and seasonal items which helps to increase the order rate of the customer.
  6. Accessibility – make sure that the menu should be accessible to all customers including those who has disabilities 
  7. Keep it simple –  Make the menu more simple and easy to read. Don’t include complicated designs, colour schemes which reduce the readability of the customer. Also don’t include too many items and descriptions. Keep the menu to the point and simple.
  8. Think about the target audience – Consider the type of restaurant, location and target audience when designing a restaurant menu card.

Considering the above 8 points in mind you can create notes on that. Now we will tell you how you can design a restaurant menu online by using simple softwares which is totally free. These softwares also includes paid plans for advanced features. But mostly free version is sufficient.

Top 5 Softwares to design a menu card for restaurant

There are several online tools and software that can be used to design a menu card for a restaurant but we have picked some easy to use and free softwares. The list of softwares is given below.

  1. Canva: Canva is the popular graphic design tool which offers a wide variety of templates and design elements. Canve helps you to create a professional, good looking restaurant menu card just for free. It has a free as well as a paid version but don’t take the free version lightly because it’s free version has lots of features which helps to design menu cards easily.
  2. Adobe Spark: Adobe Spark is another online design software which offers a large variety of templates and design elements. It’s free to use. But as compared with canva there is a slight learning curve in Adobe Spark. You can also check out this software on Adobe’s official website.
  3. Microsoft Word or Publisher: You can also use Microsoft Word and Microsoft Publisher for designing a restaurant menu card. These softwares are not specifically designed for graphic designing but there are some features in these softwares which helps to create a good looking restaurant menu. Your will get tons of video tutorials on youtube where some youtubers taught how to design restaurant menus for free on word
  4. Google Docs: Google Docs is a free product of Google. It is also free. It has very good advanced features which helps to create better graphic designs. It offers a large variety of templates and design elements which helps to create better design.
  5. Online menu card maker Websites: There are some websites that offer online menu card makers, like MustHaveMenus, The Menu Maker, etc. The main advantage of these websites is  that they allow you to create a restaurant menu card just without any design experience.

Now you can design a Restaurant Menu card by just following this article. You must visit these useful websites and also share these articles with your friends and social media if you find this helpful. Thank you

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